Will Skinny Jeans Suit Me?

Jeans Fashion

Will Skinny Jeans Suit Me?

Skinny Jeans

Thin Skinny Jeans have been a cornerstone of women’s fashion for almost a decade,

but they are still more of a novelty for men. So while the most fashion-conscious

may be wearing jeans every day, the average man is more careful.

However, they are not as scary as they might sound. Jeans can do great things for your figure,

and their versatility means they can be easily dressed from top to bottom.

Not sure if skinny jeans are right for you? Read on to find out how jeans can be your fashion savior.


Benefits of wearing skinny jeans

If you are used to wearing baggy or boot-cut pants and jeans, jeans can be a revelation.

Unlike most women, most men do not stop to think about the size and shape of their legs,

so it is a wake-up call to see them framed by jeans. If you are a small man, jeans can make

it make your legs work longer and add an illusion of height to your body. And for tall,

thin men, most jeans produce sleek attributes without emphasizing them.

Fit Skinny Jeans

Of course, not all men will be suitable for very thin jeans. If you have a slightly larger frame, you’d better go for jeans with slim fit. These have the same cut-out effect as skinny jeans, but without its figure-hugging tendencies. On the other hand, if you love skinny jeans and want to go even tighter, men’s leggings or ‘muggings’ are worth a try. But beware, these are relentlessly tight so you will need a lot of confidence to get them out.

Tips for wearing skinny jeans for men

Jeans look best with a baggy T-shirt or a baggy vest. Do not be tempted to pair them with tight upper body clothing, as this emphasizes the figure-hugging look too much. For a casual weekend outfit, pair jeans with a printed T-shirt and denim jacket or with a plain T-shirt and baggy cardigan. If you are considering wearing jeans in the office, first consider your work dress code. If your job requires smart or casual clothing, jeans may be a little too casual. However, slim fit jeans fit a smart casual dress code and deliver a similar end result.

Shoes are also very important when wearing skinny jeans, just as important as women’s handbags on a stylish evening. Look for ankle-length sneakers or doc martens to complement its narrow taper. For example, white Converse All-Stars would look great with skinny jeans, a plain tee and a cardigan. Or pair some corduroy jeans with ankle boots, a collared shirt and a V-neck sweater for something more stylish, and for the really adventurous, jeans look great with classic cowboy boots and a crisp white shirt. However, a Stetson is optional.

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