The Rule of Jeans (Or Jeans for All Seasons)

Can you think of a garment Rule that suits your style and your daily activities but at the same time does not make you a victim of fashion? They have always been there since God knows when and will definitely be there for decades to come. The most common types of jeans are baggy, crop, and

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Trends in the World of Men’s Jeans

Trends in the World of Men’s Jeans World Typically, the focus is on women, but men’s fashion is just as important. We don’t want half the population to look classy and the other half to fall into boring, fluttering clothes, do we? Trends in men’s fashion, especially when it comes to jeans, don’t fluctuate as

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Fit and Flared for Summer

Fit and Flared for Summer Rock over skinny Summer jeans, a new trend is coming this spring and summer. Flare jeans are the ultimate jeans for those who are tired of the ultra-slim look. So Of course, skinny jeans don’t go out of style, there are just more options on the market. Flared pants with

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