The Rule of Jeans (Or Jeans for All Seasons)

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The Rule of Jeans (Or Jeans for All Seasons)


Can you think of a garment Rule that suits your style and your daily activities

but at the same time does not make you a victim of fashion?

They have always been there since God knows when and will definitely be there for decades to come.

The most common types of jeans are baggy, crop, and skinny,

with the latter being the most common. However, there are still other types

of jeans depending on their cut and wash. The most common for today’s ladies

are the low and ultra-low that sit below the waist. We also have boot cut jeans and flared legs.

They both have wide slits at the bottom, but boot cut jeans are looser,

while the glare is fit from above to the knees. Stonewashed jeans are those

with lighter tones and are the opposite of dark jeans that generally range

from black to deep indigo. People who like to feel more comfortable and

liberated when wearing jeans, like. Wearing jeans is call emergency jeans

that are rip and curl and sometime have holes and rips as well.

Of course, baggy jeans are mostly worn by men, but these can be worn by women as well.

It is a bit difficult to find a blouse that looks good in these pants, but tight shirts would

be the best option. It’s also best worn with sneaker for a really goofy, youthful look for

a day at the park with friends, maybe. Crop jeans can be worn on a casual day at work.

Baggy Jeans Fashion

Like baggy jeans, they are best worn with a fitted top and stilettos or heels

for a flared style and black wedge boots with knee-high tights and perhaps a casual

collared blouse for a slim fit. Crop jeans can be stone wash or dark Rule, but

if you’re wearing dark jeans, be careful not to wear dark shoes, because

they just don’t look that good together.

These days, we see another type of jeans that almost all women already wear:

skinny jeans. Most of them are like all Rule other jeans in color, but some come in

different colors like red, purple, green, and pink, just to name a few.

Some are also play, which is best worn with color shirts.

Look, the jeans will always be there. You always have something classy to wear

if you have jeans. Some cuts or styles may not be for this season, but there are

many other different styles that you can wear for this season.

Jeans are not in fashion. They just don’t.

Elle Jones is a writer who really loves fashion, has great minds, and can

afford a simple and unique style. She has a good career as a fashion buyer / product consultant.

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