Get Your Own Boyfriend Jeans That Suit Your Body and Style

Fashion Style can be a fun thing. Recently, it seems that one of the hottest trends involves the theft … of a man’s wardrobe. Menswear-inspired fashion has increased, as evidenced by the recent popularity of boyfriend jeans fashion. However, you do not have to steal a pair from your husband. Most denim designers have many versions of this style. Whether it is clumsy and baggy, slim and baggy, wear or normal, you will have no trouble finding one that suits your style and fits your body type. Here are some tips on how to look stylish in jeans with boyfriends jeans fashion. fashion style and trends

Boyfriend jeans Fashion styles

When looking for the perfect pair, be prepare to try many styles so you can get the one that suits you. Make sure your jeans look neat and baggy and are not oversized or sloppy. Big brands to try are Current / Elliot, Hudson, Yanuk and J Brand.

Buy jeans for women. Just because they call boyfriend jeans fashion does not mean that you should take the shortcut and buy jeans for men or even wear your boyfriend. Men’s jeans are cut differently and we as women have curves that they do not. For an optimal fit, it is best to stick to denim for women.

When you find the right pair, you will want to complete it with a generally feminine look. Wear them with a fitted top or tank top. Or you can go super feminine and wear a transparent chiffon top with or without ruffles. Thin cardigans and blazers also look great when worn with boyfriend jeans fashion. You can balance the baggy, masculine look with layered accessories for pearl necklaces or bracelets.

Lift your fists. Look for jeans that have a straight leg. This style flatters most body types and is much easier to roll up. If you have heels, turn them over the ankles or just below if you have flat shoes. Push up a little at the bottom, fold the extra fabric on the side, and then roll it up. (The roll should be about 1 1/2 “in size).

kind Boyfriend Jeans Fashion

Wear them with any kind of boyfriend jeans fashion shoes. Boots and heels give one type of look, flats and flip-flops, another type. First, you might want to avoid sneakers. Other than that, pair them with gladiator sandals, heels, ballerinas or this season’s ankle boots with toe.

Add a belt. Show your femininity by highlighting your waist with a belt. This jeans style should be loose on the hips, so it is almost important that you access them with a belt. You should choose classic vintage belts. Games with different sizes, but when it comes to color, it is best to stick to darker colors.

This style may not be the sexiest pair of jeans in your closet, but they are certainly comfortable and casual. Best of all, you can dress them up or down and still look stylish and fashionable.


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