The 5 Different Types of Jean Cuts for Women

The 5 Different Types of Jean Cuts for Women

While the 1950s may have been the time Different Types when the popularity

of wearing  jeans explod, the material they are made of, denim,

has been around for centuries before. For example, it was use by

sailors in the Dungan area, India and, according to a report from

the University of Sydney in February 2009, it became a monkey

that is still popular in various aspects of life today.

Currently, there are five different types of jeans cuts that you can buy.

While they can all look good when viewed on models in the store, not

all jeans fit all body shapes, so it is important to understand what

effect each of them can have to ensure that you choose the most appropriate jeans. for its shape.

Classic cut. The original type of jeans, the classic cut, is not often seen

on the shelves of fashion stores because it can be very unflattering.

High waited with a tapered leg, the main purpose of classic jeans is comfort rather than style.

Straight legs. A good all-round type of jean, the straight leg cut makes

the legs cut down, without flare or taper anywhere. They are prefer

among smaller women as they can make the legs look longer than they actually are.

Skinny Jeans

Boot cut. As the name suggests, boot cut jeans were create for the purpose

of making a man look good when he is worn with boots, but they have become

the favorite garment of many women. Relatively relaxed in shape and hugging

the hips and thighs without being too tight, they flare easily at the bottom,

making them suitable for women with a large upper body, as they perfectly balance the body shape.

Thing legs. A basic garment for both men and women varies today, skinny jeans,

as wonderful as they look, should only be tried by those women who have

slim waist and legs. Skinny jeans will not help large hips, belly, or thighs

and make them appear much larger than they actually are.

Flared. The modern take on the popular flared jeans of the 1970s, the flared pants,

is primarily a more controlled version of its older relative. Rather than

being skinny on top and then expanding massively below the knee, flared jeans

have a loose yet straight feel all over the leg and usually only start to flare just above the ankle.

Many women tend to go for flared jeans because they think they make them

look slimmer (as opposed to flared jeans, which required a super slim waist

with legs that fit together), but they are not actually suitable for all body shapes.

Excellent examples are women who are short or petite, as flared jeans can

make legs look much shorter and wider than they are, making this

cut not a suitable feminine clothing option for older women. little.

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